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Lily Potter
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17th-Feb-2021 12:29 am - regains~
I got a pocketful of sunshine
idea for this sticky post stolen from Kisa >__>, bolds have been regained

- wand
- magic
    ~ fourth year level
    ~ O.W.L level
    ~ N.E.W.T level/post-school

- wedding ring
- robes/wardrobe
- Harry's baby book
- wedding pictures
- the cat now named Felix (derived from Felix Felicis, not the cartoon)
- books
- collection of letters from Sirius, Slughorn, and others
- cauldron
- potions supplies
- pictures from school
- one old family picture from before she went to Hogwarts
- old Head Girl badge
- old Prefect badge

Suggestions for anything I may have forgotten (especially if the list is getting almost entirely bold) are welcome.
14th-Jan-2021 09:45 pm - HMD, OOC contact, etc. post
In the darkness there's light
Got something to say about how I play Lily at Mayfield? Well, you've come to the right place! Any concrit, feedback or anything else can be said here. Anonymous commenting is enabled, IP logging should be off (even if it's on, I have neither the time nor inclination to do anything with it). And if you need to get in touch with me, the following methods are guaranteed to work, given that I have an internet connection of some sort:

AIM: metalbender pwns (alternate im: mybffharo; both accept offline messages)
MSN: motoko.kusanagi@hotmail.com (only online there if I'm stuck on meebo)
Plurk: friend tophie, and leave a locked plurk to me

Then, there's the ever useful PM to this account or my main account, later_days. However you choose to contact me, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
30th-May-2011 09:22 pm - 2 // Phone & Action
But you ain't gonna own me
[Phone: open]

This place is simply horrid. Showing what it has been won't influence me to go off and find some poor soul to kill. For anyone who is acting on those despicable letters, I only have one thing to say: Shame on you! We should be working together and not against each other.

[Phone: locked to Harry]

Harry, dear? Would you mind coming over? I need to know that you're alright. If you want to stay longer than just the day, because of how dangerous it is in town, we have a spare room.

[Action: open to the residents of 1646 Albright Lane and any visitors]

[After making her phone calls, Lily has plopped herself down in the living room. The lights are all off in the house, all the curtains are drawn, and the back door and windows are shut and locked. Only the front door is unlocked, but only because she's hoping for her son to visit.

On the outside, she appears worried, but in the inside, she's pretty shaken up. After receiving the second letter, she had been seeing her son and husband dead when she least expected it.]

((Edited due to mun failure. sob.))
14th-Jan-2011 10:36 pm - 1 // Intro: Action & Phone
In the darkness there's light
[Some of the neighbors to 1646 Albright Lane may have heard a woman screaming out. Anyone inside or within a few yards of the house would have heard that what she had screamed out on waking up bolt upright in bed was "Harry".]

[It's only seconds after that she realizes that she's not in her bed or her house, remembers that James is dead at home, and her infant son probably is too... Biting back tears, she goes hunting around for her wand, even attempting to summon it to her, but to no avail. She starts moving to other rooms, discovering a child playing in his room, but it's not her son. Her heart sinks as she continues on, finally reaching the phone. On instinct, she picks it up and just starts talking into it, too fueled by panicked adrenaline to dial.]

...Can anyone hear me? My name is Lily Potter and I don't know where I am. [pauses, debating how much to say over the phone... Moody would probably say this was a trick of the Death Eaters, but something was telling her it wasn't] I think my husband was killed, and I, well I thought I died too. But my son... I don't know if he... [there's a few seconds of silence before she starts talking again, composure regained]

If there's anyone who can tell me what happened and why I'm here, I would be very grateful. Thank you. [and she hangs up]
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